Swimming in the Lakes

The Lake District offers a great opportunity to swap the monotony of swimming in your local pool with the opportunity to truly experience the Lakes from a whole new perspective. Taking the plunge and swimming in the Lakes can be a truly fantastic experience. If you’re taking to the Lakes for a social swim with your lakes or training to take on the Windermere end to end challenge the Lakes has something for all.

Along with the National Park a Safe Swimming message has been developed to help swimmers make the right decisions as to where and when to go swimming in a safe and enjoyable way.  Alongside this the Lake District Access Forum have developed a guide to help you make good decisions as to where to swim.

Our freshwaters in Cumbria are of great ecological and economic significance. We love spending time in and on them, so protecting them is something we all need to take responsibility for.

Invasive non-native species and diseases are able to ‘hitchhike’ on our equipment and clothing. You may inadvertently spread or introduce invasive species even if you just go for a swim!

Every time you leave any water such as a river, tarn or lake:

Check - Clean - Dry

·         Check your equipment and clothing for living organisms. Pay particular attention to damp or hard to inspect areas.

·         Clean and wash all equipment, footwear and clothes thoroughly. If you do come across any organisms, leave them at the water body where you found them or on a hard surface to die out.

·         Dry all equipment and clothing. Some species can live for many days in damp conditions.

Find out more about biosecurity at www.cfinns.scrt.co.uk/biosecurity

Swimming in Windermere